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Postby Preview » Wed Mar 04, 2009 8:03 pm

pvtjoker wrote:
JUST SOME DUDE wrote:Great idea Lic, we need to create a thread about weapons we own/carry...

glock...mdl 19...

*sighs in dissappointment* I thought it would be a .357 MAGNUM.
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Postby J-mental » Mon Jun 01, 2009 10:41 am

Hey guys. I just inherited a gun I think might be worth something and I was hoping you all could help me out as far as information goes with it. It's a .38 caliber that my great great grandfather used as a cop in like the 1920's prohibition times and stuff. It's a Smith and Wesson, with a long probably 5 and a half inch barrel. It's a six shooter.

I was wondering if anyone knew EXACTLY when the gun was made and if it was worth anything? I've been trying to google up information on it but all the Wiki pages that I find for .38 specials all seem to be a slightly different variety of gun and not my exact model.


Axel wrote:NICE!!! ............ Got a bit of a squirrel problem and looking at modifying my Ruger MkII with a suppressor.

I think you better get some armor piercing bullets too. I mean what if the squirrel decides to hide behind a tank or something? You have to be prepared. :lol:
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