The passing of the great ones

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The passing of the great ones

Postby Preview » Mon Dec 05, 2011 9:29 pm

The passing of the great ones (or at least the top posters):

Last real post:
Haha I'm sorry Brian but I gotta go with justsomedude on axels first I was reading it, my 1st thought was..."jesus dude, don't you have any effing friends to talk to??" 

Last post 7/20/11
the brunette makes me want to spill more seed than michael j. fox at a bird feeder...

Last post 8/31/10
UNBELIEVABLE!!! Lic, hoping truly, that you're ok there. :shock: :shock: I leave for several months, come back to town and find Peter is gone???? Damn it all. Now I can totally let go of the show. Feels good. Now that its the, "Idiot Dee show", I can't hang. The ignorance and stupidity th...(the rest is lost to the sand of time due to the recent moving of the site and subsequent lost of data)

Last post 7/3/11
the one reason i jumped in was because my contract was up and my phone was a piece of crap . I never got the 3g phone cause my area didn't carry it . Now that the new 3gs is out , I might wait a little while atleast till spring trying to start a new business . Then I can get a new business phone .

Last post 8/26/11
J-mental wrote:
"If Stacy and Sam Kouvaris ever had babies they'd be the best voice over workers in the world."

The amount of win in that statement is beyond words! 

Last post 6/13/08
Alrighty then... here is the news:

That's it for now, tune in later for more updates....

Last post 6/30/09
Transformers was lots of fun! About 2hr 30min worth. I love the way they made Optimus Prime more aggressive. Great story and good set up for a part 3. Decepticons are pretty bad ass in this one! Devastator rocked one of my favorites as a kid. Like I said, it's kinda long, but I really enjoyed it. Od... (again, the rest is lost to the sands of time...)

Last post 5/12/08
Welcome. We need more new folks around here.
Talent is God-given; be humble. 
Fame is man-given; be thankful. 
Conceit is self-given; be careful.
(a bit of irony here...)

BigWorm(the saddest and most telling of all):
Last post *sniff* 9/20/11
I have never listened to Opie & Anthony but I can say they do have ultimate support for their fans. L&T just don't seem to give a shit and understand we are what makes or breaks them. Not "we" as the forum but the general fanbase.


Last post 11/9/11
I used to podcast but my evil supervisor said it was unprofessional for me to be plugged in...I will have to revisit it though, getting tired of missing the good stuff.


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