Caption Contest Official Rules!

The Official Caption Contest!

Check back here often for caption contests! Prizes awarded!
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Caption Contest Official Rules!

Postby BigWorm » Tue May 09, 2006 2:09 pm

Rules: v1.0

1. Must be a registered forum member to be eligible.

2. Leave as many captions as you want.

3. Winner will be decided Monday morning around 8 AM or whenever I get in the office. You have almost 7 days.

4. Winner will get a prize from me. Value could be anywhere from a few dollars to about $20. T-shirts, toys, books, or whatever. It depends on what I have laying around.

5. I will possibly consult BigWorm or other Administrators and Moderators to decide a winner, if he is around, and if he hasn't entered a caption.

The contest thread can be found HERE!

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